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How To Use Automated Teller Machines In Alberta To Deposit Cash Into Your Account

People usually see ATMs as places where they can only make cash withdrawals from their bank account. However, a lot of automated teller machines in Alberta now allow users to make cash deposits as well. With this, you don't have to visit a branch or wait for your checks to be taken to the bank via email. Many people don't know it's possible to make cash deposits at the ATM, while some other people don't know how to do it. But it's pretty easy, as the process differs depending on your bank and the automated teller machines in Alberta you are using. You just need to acknowledge your bank's policies and adhere to the ATM's prompts. Here are the relevant steps for making deposits at the ATM:

Using an Envelope to Deposit

Step 1: You have to verify if the ATM receives deposits that are enveloped: Some small ATMs and other ATMs that are not in bank locations, and are located in places such as restaurants, convenient stores and cafes may or may not support this function. If the machine has no slot marked to accept cash and receive envelopes, that means it doesn't accept deposits in an envelope.

Step 2: Insert your debit or ATM card into the machine and enter your PIN: This is the exact process you follow when you want to make cash withdrawals. Find the 'deposit' tab that is on the ATM screen or the button that is corresponding to the deposit tab that is indicated on the screen.

Step 3: Endorse the check you want to deposit: Append your signature in the marked area at the back. Comment 'for deposit only' underneath your signature for security purposes. If by chance, you lose your endorsed check, the check cannot be cashed only deposited.

Step 4: Deposit slip preparation: If the slip you are using is from your checkbook, then your address, your account number, and your name should already be contained in the check. But if it is a blank deposit slip you are using, then you'll have to fill out your address, account number and name. You also need to add the date to it. On the line provided to write the total amount, write the total amount of cash and check you want to deposit. There is no need to append your signature to a deposit slip when you want to deposit in the automated teller machines in Alberta. Your signature is only needed when you want to make cash withdrawals over the counter.

Step 5: Use the envelope that the ATM provides: Some old machines might have a little door for you to raise up and get these envelopes, whereas some new machines just eject them out from a slot. Always make sure you use the envelope provided by the machine. Make sure the cash, deposit slip, and check(s) are in the envelope.

Step 6: Insert the envelope into the machine and verify your deposit: Make sure you insert your envelope into the marked area. In some machines, it might also be the place you receive your cash from. A prompt in the machine will ask you to enter the amount, make sure you enter the same amount as in the deposit slip.

Step 7: Wait for the machine to clear your deposits.

Note that not every machine can be used for this purpose. You must confirm if the machine is capable first before you try.


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